Get ready for the HEMOCRAFTTM challenge!


In partnership with the Entrepreneurial Game Studio at Drexel University, the National Hemophilia Foundation, and members of the hemophilia community, Pfizer Hemophilia has developed HEMOCRAFT—an educational tool that aims to teach kids the importance of staying prepared and sticking to their treatment plan.

What is MinecraftTM ?

Your World

MINECRAFTTM is a game that lets you explore and create a world of your own. In MINECRAFTTM, you search for items and then combine them to “craft” new ones.

Your Team

In HEMOCRAFTTM, your treatment team will teach you where to find items you’ll use to craft your own infusion kits. Then, you’ll be able to self-infuse and track your factor supply in order to stay prepared throughout your quest.

Your Quest

In addition to building and creating, you can go on adventures in MINECRAFTTM. In HEMOCRAFTTM, you’ll go on a quest to slay the Ender Dragon that has been threatening a small village. You’ll need to be brave—and stay prepared—to do it!