Hemophilia meets MINECRAFTTM

Introducing HEMOCRAFT, a virtual world for hemophilia patients that lets you:

Craft infusion kits to stay prepared!

Maintain your avatar's health by collecting the components to craft an infusion kit and stay prepared

Get tips and resources!

Visit doctors and nurses within the game to learn about resources you can use to stay prepared

Share what you’ve learned!

Share game strategy with your friends and family to help them understand what it is like to manage hemophilia

Friend or foe?

Players will meet both along the way! Facing down the Ender Dragon in HEMOCRAFTTM won’t be easy, and players will need all the help they can get. Here are some of the people and creatures players will meet on their quest:
Nurse Punnyworth
Nurse Punnyworth will teach players how to craft an infusion kit and how they can self-infuse with the kit to stay prepared for adventure.
Pesky creatures that spawn in strongholds, silverfish may attack players while they gather materials to craft infusion kits.
Doctor Dad
A member of the player's treatment team along with Nurse Punnyworth, Doctor Dad teaches players how rest can keep them on track to complete their quest.
Skeletons and zombies
Undead creatures that prefer the night, skeletons and zombies are perfect for players to test their combat skills on as they prepare to face the Ender Dragon.
A veteran of the last battle of the people of Vale against the Ender Dragon, Martin can help train the player to defeat the dragon.
Endermen are spooky mobs that can teleport around the HEMOCRAFT world — and will attack if provoked.
A resident of the village of Vale, Andrea can give players advice about defeating the Ender Dragon, including the importance of keeping factor levels up.
Ender Dragon
The leader of the Endermen, the Ender Dragon has returned to terrify the village of Vale . . . unless players can stop it!


Learn how to start playing HEMOCRAFTTM today!

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